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THIS: A Devised Performance

directed by Lindsey Barlag Thornton

created & performed with Amanda Dunne Acevedo, Alexis Atwill,

Jon Penick, Corey Smith, and Udita Upadhyaya

technical direction by Margaret L. Nelson

THIS is a collaboratively devised event playing with and within the boundaries of theatre.

Using music as a frame, the performance interweaves movement, text, and visual image

to explore vulnerability and uncertainty, memory and nostalgia, grief and love.

As our starting point, we took a quote from Brian Eno about conspiracy in music.

​We began playing and experimenting with the notion of copies, covers, and translations

​through various source material ranging from quantum physics, personal narrative, contemporary art, pop culture and beyond.

Unabashed singing, dance parties and humor -

THIS is an unsentimentally sentimental subversion and meditative deconstruction

​of the stage's ability to represent, reproduce, and transmit genuine human emotion.

THIS is a messy collage. THIS is a hybridized essay.

THIS... was part of IN>TIME 16 Performance Festival, Feb. 5th - 8th, 2016 at Links Hall.

We shared a works-in-progress performance at Filament Theatre on Sept. 2nd, 2015 (with Mac Gerber).

Photo Credit: Sergio Soltero

​Click here for video documentation of the performance.


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