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Lindsey Barlag Thornton and Udita Upadhyaya invite participation and collaboration from 14 Chicago based artists: Ashley Hollingsead, Celeste Diaz, Ethan Parcell, Falak Vasa, JFORPAYDOTCOM, Joseph Mora, Jose Santiago Perez, Katelyn Douglass, Kim Chayeb, Savannah Reich, Stevie Hanley, and Sucrose (Sophia English and Micah Dillman).

Thornton and Upadhyaya gather details to rework, rewrite and transform existing Fluxus scores into personalized instructions for each artist. They then gift the score to each artist, inviting them to interpret the score in any way that is specific to their work, their bodies and their interests. These scores were performed as a series of happenings, at 3 Walls and Links Hall's Fundraiser, Thawalls, 2017.

Three scores from this collection were published in “Propositional Attitudes: What do we do now?” (2018: Golden Spike Press) edited by John Burtle and Elana Mann, is an anthology of recent performance scores, directions and instructions.

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