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Guidelines for Collapse and Care is a interactive and participatory score by Udita Upadhyaya

In October 2018 it was featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL as part of a showcase of the choreographic, interactionist dance, and instructionist performance works profiled in Propositional Attitudes, edited by Elana Mann and John Burtle (Golden Spike Press, LA, 2018) and Perfect Worlds: Artistic Forms & Social Imaginaries by Michael Workman (StepSister Press, Chicago and Toronto, forthcoming) .

The score was published in “Propositional Attitudes: What do we do now?” (2018: Golden Spike Press) edited by John Burtle and Elana Mann, is an anthology of recent performance scores, directions and instructions.

It is also published and hosted on Homonym Journal, Issue 3

Most recently, it has been performed live at Sovern in Los Angeles, California


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