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nevernotmusic, a collection of scores

the artist book is released in collaboration with Match Books

Each score is written as love letter, a witness, a gift of permission to another Chicago artist. In fact, each phrase, each visual and textual gesture in the scores attempts to be a gift of voice, ears, generosity and belonging. The scores were exhibited at Roman Susan Gallery in the winter of 2018. Each score was performed by the original giftee at this installation.

निशांत (Nishant)/Break of Dawn

Group Show: The Art of Being Dangerous, Hyde Park Art Center

An experimental music series at Comfort Station, Chicago IL

October 20, 2019

Udita Upadhyaya's interactive/participatory score, "Guidelines for Collapse and Care" is featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL 


The  showcase of the choreographic, interactionist dance, and instructionist performance works profiled in Propositional Attitudes, edited by Elana Mann and John Burtle (Golden Spike Press, LA, 2018) and Perfect Worlds: Artistic Forms & Social Imaginaries by Michael Workman (StepSister Press, Chicago and Toronto, forthcoming) occurs in the Commons on the museum's second floor. 

December 11, 2018

Lindsey Barlag Thornton and Udita Upadhyaya explore intimacy, vulnerability, and gifting through live performative actions and an ongoing collaborative practice. Working with musician Caleb Neubauer, they ask audience members to engage with friends and strangers in a series of invitations to touch as well as experiences of tender embrace.

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