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kShama is an ongoing meditative, peformative, lived art collaboration between artists Udita Upadhyaya and Falak Vasa.

The work stems from a desire to  better understand our unique places in the world. Both artists are curious about relationships, they start conversations with the human other and the non human others.

In this durational work artists meet and perform every week, finding new access points into this dialogue. In their performances, the artists investigate and are often stuck inside the cycles human emotion, the fragility of relationships, and the futility of seeking forgiveness for intentional and accidental actions.

kShama is the Sanskrit/Prakrit word for forgiveness, pardon, patience, forbearance. The anchor of the work lies in Jain festival of forgiveness and echoes the idea of Michhami Dukkadam.

The work lives as live performance, photographic documentation, site-specific installations and written reflections. For more details please visit the project website.

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